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About Us

Company Story

UIG is changing the culture in municipal planning and design. We are structured to service municipal clients with focused attention to the needs of not only their infrastructure but the community. Planning and designing municipal infrastructure is a large part of what we do, however we are dedicated to building long term community relationships. UIG assists municipalities in communicating project challenges and goals to the public for awareness and understanding. The UIG family is visible and active in the community such that we are recognizable planners and designers. Playing an active role in our community allows us to assist in improving trust and communication between city leaders and the general public.

We are all tax payers and our desire is to see that taxes are spent in the best way possible, effectively and efficiently. UIG will do its part when planning with city officials by identifying inefficiencies, system failures, and long term regional needs. There are many obstacles to growth in metropolitan areas. Planning for growth requires an understanding of existing infrastructure and requires a team of innovative professionals equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges. UIG specializes in building a team of knowledgeable engineers and consultants eager to achieve success for municipal projects. We are TDI Windstorm Certified, this permits UIG to certify construction sites for insurance purposes. UIG also offers land development and infrastructure for rising neighborhoods. 

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